Idatastart / MyCar

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Prices listed below are for the complete remote starter kits only. Most vehicles require a data interface module and two hours of labour (most vehicle/auto trans)



Idatastart HC2 system comes with two 2way transmitters and can be installed in most automatic transmission vehicles for only $670 including everything except gst. The Idatastart system can handle up to 4 different transmitters, even the new tiny 1 button remote!

HC2 Complete system with two 2way transmitters

$440 plus install


 HCX+RF2311A Complete system w/two, one button remotes (one 1way,one 2way)

$410 plus install



For those who prefer to travel light, iDataStart systems also enables short-range remote start from most factory key fob remotes. Simply press the Lock button 3 times and voilà!

Complete installed from $400-$480 (Not available for all platforms)

Keep it simple

Add unlimited range to your choice of Idatastart system by adding the MyCar for only $300

system includes 3 years free service and only $40/year thereafter