Radenso & AL Priority Custom Install

ARA Auto Accessories is an authorized retailer and installer of the Radenso RC M and AL Priority Laser Defense Kit.

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Radenso’s highest performing radar detector paired with the legendary AL Priority laser defense system.

Police LIDAR guns render most radar detectors helpless. Level the playing field with the Radenso RC M Antilaser Priority kit.

Combine the AL Priority with the Radenso RC M and control settings of the AL Priority from the display of the RC M.

The AL Priority is also a fully functional parking sensor system. Allowing for compliance with local laws and regulations.

RCM Features:

  • Removable magnetic OLED display
  • High speed CPU for incredible performance and false alert filtering
  • 360° radar detection with directional alerts
  • GPS lockout and low-speed GPS auto-muting
  • Red light and speed camera alerts
  • Blind Spot Monitor false alert filtering
  • Discreet installation and Stealth for Radar Detector Detectors (VG2/Spectre Elite) (10+ feet)
  • 1 year radar ticket free guarantee

AL Priority Features:

  • Laser defense for LIDAR guns including Dragon Eye
  • Complete integration with RC M
  • Automatic jamming time cutoff from RC M display
  • Disable laser jamming from RC M dispaly
  • Waterproof laser sensors
  • Dual function: laser shifting and parking sensor
  • 1 year laser ticket free guarantee