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With a 1-way system a signal is sent from the remote to the vehicle (1-way communication).In a 2-way system a signal is sent back from the vehicle to confirm the action you requested (locking the door, starting the vehicle, etc.). This confirmation can come in the form of beeping and flashing patterns on the remote, or as a visual readout on a remote with a screen or the screen of your smartphone (2-way communication).With many vehicles we can install a remote start system which is triggered by input from a factory fob (ie hitting the lock button 3 times). This option is cost effective, limited to the range of your existing fob, and 1-way.
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“1-way” and “2-way” refers to communication. A 1-way remote only transmits; a 2-way remote transmits and receives. Your factory fob only transmits and will provide 1-way operation at the same range you can presently lock/unlock your doors. 2-way operation means you will get confirmation on the remote with audible and/or visible cues (ie. 4 beeps means the vehicle has started)