360° Cams

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RDV360-3D 4 Channel DVR System –  In Stock!

360° Bird-view
This system adopts the Seamless Image Junction Technology which integrates four camera views into 360-degree surround view image of a vehicle that providing real-time video output to monitors and recording.

4 High Res Cameras
This system uses four high resolutions 180 viewing angle cameras which are in high-definition with auto-aperture function that adjusts the image brightness automatically.

Cycle Recording
The “Real-Time Cycle Recording System” records the 4-channel images while a vehicle is in operation using 8GB microSD (Supports 32GB). When the recording time reaches the memory capacity, the system continues to record by erasing the oldest recorded information.

3-Way System Turn On Options:
1.Turns on the system by reverse trigger.
2.Turns on the system a remote control (provided).
3.Turns on the system by double press of a warning light.

Contents in Box

(4) Proprietary cameras included

(1) Wireless Remote

(1) DVR Black Box with Included 8GB MicroSD Card

(1) Single Video output for monitor integration (Monitor not included)

 BVR400 4 Blind Spot Viewing Channel DVR System –  In Stock!



4 Channel Vehicle DVR system from Rydeen brings you Front, Rear, Right and Left views 

  • Video security for vehicle while parked with a Shock Sensor (G-Sensor) that enables start of recording function if impact is detected.
  • Complete recording while vehicle is on, enables accident evidence keeping.
  • Safe Parking with 4-channel views and Split-Screen Images
  • Included 8GB Micro SD (Supports up to 32GB)
  • Video recorded in .mov file
  • Right and Left Image Display with Trigger Activation
  • Features a monitor trigger function with turn signals to view potential Blind Spots