Stealth Installed

$980 In Stock Special

Beltronics STiR –  Concealed Radar/Laser detection system


  • ToralShield™ Technology
  • Digital Signal Processing: AutoScan™ technology filters out false alarms
  • Laser detection
  • Easy-To-Use Options and Controls
  • Clear Digital Voice Alerts
  • High Definition Text Display
  • City Mode
  • Brightness Control with Full Dark Mode
  • Mute and AutoMute
  • Designed in USA Made in Canada


Radar/Laser Detector

$200 In Stock!

Beltronics’ Pro 200 detector reminds you to drive more safely by scanning for a broad range of laser and X, K, and Ka radar bands. Upon picking up a frequency, it issues an alert within 500 milliseconds of detection.

Bright, Easy-to-Read Display
The LED display is capable of rendering 280 alphanumeric characters. Its standard bar graph shows band and signal strength relative to radar sources, helping you slow down before entering a speed trap. Multiple brightness levels let you clearly see—or easily hide—the display’s messages.

Voice Alerts
Keep your eyes on the road with the help of voice alerts. For long encounters, AutoMute circuitry automatically reduces volume, just in case you get pulled over.

Fewer False Alarms
Patented AutoScan with traffic sensory rejection (TSR) technology enhances the detector’s sensitivity. This helps the detector distinguish between a cop holding a laser gun and a professor lecturing with a laser pointer.

  • Up to eight times more sensitive than comparable imported detectors
  • Bright LED display with standard bar graph
  • Microprocessor issues alerts in 500 milliseconds or less
  • Voice alerts with AutoMute circuitry
  • Patented AutoScan with TSR (traffic sensory rejection) technology
  • Multiple modes, including City and no X-band
  • Multiple brightness levels so you can always have your sunglasses on
  • Dimensions: 2.8”x1.2”x4.8”