Our Team

Our team has seen the evolution of automotive accessories. We pride ourselves on having the expertise and knowledge to efficiently solve all your automotive needs!

Sam Amberiadis (Owner/Operator)


Sam began his automotive industry career in 1994, at a car stereo shop. Then onto installing cell phone hands free systems at Page Direct. In 1996 Sam started with ARA and for the next 18 years was ARA’s 12v mobile technician servicing local dealerships installing all types of aftermarket 12v accessories.  Understanding both the product and how to interface aftermarket technologies into todays vehicles certainly becomes an asset when looking to find the best solution for your vehicle!

Lori Jo Amberiadis (Accounts Payable/Receivable)


There’s no account to small and no file to large for Lori Jo to handle. She has over 20 years of bookkeeper experience.

John Graham (Customer Service)


John started with ARA in 2001, when he started he had over 30 years of history in the auto service industry. John continues to keep customers happy every weekday from 8am-10:30am!

Brian Throop (Customer Service)


Brian started with us in 2001,  with over 35 plus years of experience in the automotive industry. Brian has a rare ability to get straight to the point with customers…most appreciate it. You’ll be in good hands with Brian!

Steven Petersen (Customer Service)


Steven started in 2018. He has a background in mobile electronics and live performance audio engineering. With over a decade in customer service he’ll provide honest advice with the technical knowledge needed to help you find a solution for your current automotive projects.

Shop Foreman:

Wes Neufeld (Master Licensed AC Tech/Master Certified 12v Technician)


Wes started in 1996 and since then has acquired a vast amount of experience with 12v interfacing and a talent to diagnose any vehicle AC issues. As ARA’s shop foreman, Wes inspects all work and confirms that operation, installation and final finish has met ARA’s high standards.


Steve Louie (Master Licensed AC Tech/Master Certified 12v Technician)


Steve started with ARA back in 1986…yeh that’s right 1986! So basically if you have a really old car, this guy knows everything about it and can fix it. In addition to older vehicle problems Steve knows his AC too.

Scott Medernach (AC Tech/Master Certified 12v Technician)


Scott started in 2002 and since then has taken the reigns as our “Stereo Guy”. Understanding todays factory stereos and how to interface into them is something that can’t be taught in a classroom. Scott specializes in more than just stereos he also has acquired impressive skills with the installation of our remote starters, alarm systems, lighting upgrades, camera systems and much more!

Nick Bergen (Master Licensed AC Tech/12v Technician)


Nick has shown everyone that he is a mechanical ninja and can fix anything. Applying those magical skills to the world of 12v installation has proven very successful;)

Mobile Technicians:

Tom Amberiadis (Master Certified 12v Technician)


Tom started with ARA in 1999 in the shop and a few years later moved to our mobile division for dealership support. When Tom’s not installing automotive accessories he’s most likely out on his road bike stealing your KOM on Strava.

Alex Bergen (Master Certified 12v Technician)



Alex started in 2012 and trained under the wing of Sam Amberiadis before he went on as our mobile dealership technician. There’s a sense of comfort you get when you know the guy installing your remote starter has already done the same install over 100 times.

Electronic Repair Technician:

Russ Graham (Master Certified Repair Technician)


Also known as the “Audio Doctor” Russ has the skills to repair anything. If you’ve ever had a problem with your factory stereo and find yourself just out of warranty, you’ll most likely be shocked at just how expensive factory replacement stereos can cost! Repairing the issue can be a very cost effective solution for your vehicle.

Outside Sales:

Steven Laroche


Steven began his career with ARA in 2015, as our business development/outside sales expert. Steven is a bilingual professional with a keen focus on identifying and developing business opportunities from small used car dealerships to huge corporations. Most mornings you’ll find Steven helping out with customer service and phone support.