Blindspot Detection


BSD754 Blind Spot Detection system

$850 installed (most vehicles)

The BSD-754 is a blind spot detection system that will alert you visually and/or audibly if there is something in your blind spot.

The 2 sensors in the front are so that the system can tell the main unit not to trigger once the rear sensors pick up the object, for instance if you are passing a vehicle or a barrier it will not trigger because the sensor picked up the sensor as well. The rear sensors will pick up and alert of a vehicle coming along side of you from the rear and once the front sensors pick up on the vehicle they will stop with the alert.

The led visual alerts are triggered when the rear sensors pick up something in your blind spot. The led and warning buzzer are activated when you use your turn signal and there is something in your blind spot.

The hole saw is the perfect size for the sensors. Each sensor has an arrow on them indicating which side should be in the up position. The sensors can be painted to match the vehicle if desired.

System is in stock and can be added to your vehicle right away, call 403-287-3130 to schedule an appointment:)