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April 4, 2015 Specials

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Compact HD DVR with Built-in 120° CMOS Camera and LCD Screen

The DR-170 is a compact HD DVR system with a built-in 120° CMOS camera and goes a step further than the previous models by adding a built-in 1.5″ LCD screen. This makes it so that the user can view any of the systems recordings onsite instead of having to retrieve the SD card and view the files on a computer. The DR-170 also includes an HDMI output for an HD hookup to an external monitor.

Retail-$199     May Special-$139



    • The DR-170 is a compact high definition DVR system and is part of our RecordCam™ series of Mobile DVR systems. It is designed to be mounted on the windshield of the vehicle and has a built-in 120° CMOS camera...
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